tisdag 16 februari 2010

At the "fira" - Ericsson and Swedish Trade

We are at Ericsson's huge complex on the very end of Monjuic at the "fira", or fair. Hundreds upon hundreds of business men (and women) are having business meet ups, lunch and enjying demos in the magnificent location. Ericsson has (heard word by mouth) also launched their new and enhanced "fair"brand, in light blue and red. Tonight the big release party will be inaugurated by the new Ericsson CEO mr Hans Vestberg, and the LTE service will be the talk of the town for sure.

In hall 2, the Swedish Trade Council has as usual made an attractive space for the Swedish entrepreneurs, and I must say that the business mingles and meet ups are as intense there as they are here at Ericsson. It is just another sector, and innovation is as present as ever among the entrepreneurs.

- This is without a doubt the best place for Swedish SMEs and entrepreneurs to market themselves and the Swedish mobile industry internationally. By displaying themselves at the Swedish Pavillion, the SMEs benefit and contribute to the good brand that Sweden has abroad, being in the forefront of innovation in telecom, says Karin Hanning project manager for the Swedish presence in Bracelona through Swedish Trade in Spain..

I couldn 't but just agree.

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