fredag 12 februari 2010

Mobile global cities

All does apparently not evolve around just the GSMA conference this coming week.

Many organisations and companies take the opportunity to promote their operations in conjunction to GSMA - on site, in Barcelona. Among many, one of the more interesting things that happen is the Living Labs Global Showcase Award where nine global cities have join forces to showcase innovative (mobile/internet) solutions by opening competition among international solution-, technology- and service providers.

The heart of the matter is to address major societal problems. On Sunday 14/2 the winner will be announced at a special award ceremony.

The winner will then get the opportunity to pilot their solution, hopefully proving the effectiveness and get the chance to take a first step to enter new markets internationally. Check this link out:

The cathegory partner cities are (and their progammes):
Caceres, Spain - Cultural and Societal Participation and Collaboration Tools
Eindhoven, Netherlands - ICT and Increasing Citizen Participation in Public Processes
Taipei, Taiwan - Intelligent Living Services in Taipei
Oeiras, Portugal - Improvements to Water Management in Cities to Reduce Consumption by 50%
Sant Cugat del Valles, Spain - A digitally enabled accessible ecoCity
La Selva, Spain - New Solutions to Integrate Tourism, Innovation in Gastronomy and Rural Landscapes
Chicago, U.S.A. - Solutions for Smart Cities: Integrating Health, Education, Public Safety.
Stockholm, Sweden - eServices for Citizens and Corporations
Barcelona, Spain - Automation for Urban Services for Cities

Hold your finger crossed!

And here is a video documentary about the Living Labs Global

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