måndag 23 februari 2009

Adiós from Barcelona

That's all for now! See you all again soon, at this blog or elsewhere.

torsdag 19 februari 2009

Wind turbines gain industry interest

Surrounded by telecom operators, internet start-ups, and mobile manufacturers, Morphic can perhaps be viewed as an odd first time exhibitor at this year's MWC. Based in Karlskoga, west of Stockholm, they develop and manufacture a range of innovative cleantech products centered around small-scale wind turbines and feul cells.

What has cleantech win
d turbines got to do with telecom?
”A lot! We're sort of probing here if we should market ourselves directly to this industry, and must say it has been a huge success. The interest has been enormous.” said Kenneth Johansson, COO of Morphic.

The telecom industry is in continual growth, especially in the third world. The biggest challenges in many parts are often not lack of intention or telecom hardware, but the supply of electricity. That is where Morphic comes in. The telecom industry is of course already an important market segment for their efficient, small-scale wind turbines but the response from attendees at MWC has perhaps led to a rethink.

”We have now have a file full of prospects, literary, from exhibiting these few days. Its really exciting and we have some thinking to do when we come home how to take this one step further.”

Whats kind of propositions?
”There are lots ideas. Many companies have a commercial interest in solving the problem with electricity access for households and small to mid size industry in Africa, India and China. We have an strong case here."

The world's smallest global operator

Seanet Maritime Communication is a global operator with a unique and highly interesting niche – mobile telecom at sea. From the company's headquarter in Stockholm, they provide cruise passengers all over the world with voice calls and internet access - no matter the location of the ship.

What are you up to here in Barcelona?
”We're looking for new partners, for example mobile service providers. We grow fast and continually develop our product and want to offer the same services as the large telecom operaters.” said Klas Lundgren, CEO of Seane.

Mr. Lundgren tells us that the founder of the company has a background in satellite communication. ”We call ourselves the world's smallest global operator. Thanks to companies like Ericsson, Stockholm has a very good climate for innovators and entrepreneur and it has of course ment a great deal to us. You get easy access to the leading technologies, businesses and decision makers.”

Seanet makes it possible for cruise and ferry passengers out at sea, to roam with a satellite link and make calls with the operator of choice. 20 cruise ships use the system today, mainly in the Carribean but also in the Mediterranean and Baltic seas. The company started in 2006, has currently a staff of 12 and are listed in NasdaqOMX First North stock exchange.

”We have a global market share of 10 percent already. Our focus now is now of course to increase this share, and things look very good."

onsdag 18 februari 2009

Virtual worlds with Penny

Penny AB is a company based in Väserås Science park, with a somewhat science-fiction like product that brings to mind the scenes from the films "Mission Impossible" and "The Minority Report". What they have done is that they invented a pair of interactive glasses that with the use of a mobile computer, PDA or a mobile phone creates a virtual transparent display in front of the user which enables navigation through head movements, and selections by measuring facial muscles.

Penny ABs CEO Erik Lundström tells us the fascinating story of a true innovation with a multitude of application areas: In 2007 Penny was awarded the "The Candidate Program for Corporation" from the U.S. Army, and also received the Special ISA Scholarship from the American media giant, Red Herring. The company then presented their solution at one of the world's foremost international conferences for decision makers in the high-tech, ETRE08 that was held in Stockholm last October.

Erik says that the interactive glasses are ready to be introduced and tested onto an larger audience and that now is the time to act. So by the support from Invest In Sweden Agency (ISA) and Sweden Mobile Association (SMA), Penny met with several of the large actors in Barcelona to discuss forthcoming business opprtunities.

- Barcelona is the starting point for Penny's goal to start the manufacturing of the system during 2009 and our goals to widen the total market! Erik concludes.

More of Penny at www.penny.se

(Erik Lundström)

The Swedish Trade Council at MWC

For the seventh consecutive year, the Swedish Trade Council invited Swedish ICT/Wireless/Mobile companies to co-exhibit in the Swedish Pavillion - a Swedish profiled stand at the Mobile World Congress, the world’s most important exhibition for mobile products and services.

The Swedish Trade Council provides this opportunity to support the start-up's promotion of their business to an international arena. The 2008 edition had 1300 exhibitors and more than 55 000 attendees, of which 43 percent held at least c-level positions. You will find additional information at http://www.swedishtrade.se .

Exhibiting Companies
The Institution
Telecom City
Crossmedia Avenue
TAT- The Astonishing Tribe
Synapse Mobile Networks
Procure IT Right
Mobile Arts

Reception Service Participants
Bearing Group

Previous years multiple price-winners Telepo

It takes some detective work and a good pair of shoes to locate Swedish and Stockholm-Kista companies as the congress area is BIG. That's how we found Telepo.

We talked to Jörgen Björkner (in the picture), Co-Founder and CTO of Telepo. The company is a Stockholm based B2B company founded in 2003, this year starting up new business in an additional 5 European countries. Their solution is a platform independent business communication service for hosting providers, ISPs and operators with a cross platform communication interface. We learned that the company has grown very fast. In only five years it has grown into a mature business with a stable customer base and an impressive turnover. Telepo is one of the fastest growing companies in the telecom industry in Sweden today.

2007 the company was awarded two prestigious prices on site, here at Barcelona - "the MWC Best Mobile Enterprise Product" and ICT Grand Price 2007 as the first Swedish company ever to be awarded this in the congress history.
More about Telepo at http://www.telepo.com

Prestige award for Stockholm company Popcatcher

Popcatcher was awarded first prize for its music technology at MWC during the Mobile Peer Awards ceremony. In competition with 163 companies from all over the world, Popcatcher won the Jury Award for emerging companies.

"Its of course very exciting, we did a pitch in front of a jury and an audience of maybe a thousand people - and won! The jury thought that our technology was right in time." said Jakob Berg, CEO of Popcatcher.

The Popcatcher music technology is made for mobile phones with a built in radio, but it can be used in virtually any device. The application enables to record music played on the radio as separate mp3 files - and DJ talks as well as commercials are removed."The jury was fond of the fact that it can be used in ordinary radio receivers" said Jakob Berg.

It seems that things are going quite well for a lot of ICT companies in Stockholm for the moment?
"Yeah, we definitely don't have any relocation plans. Stockholm has a very good network of innovators and entrepreneurs and there is lots of commercial and technical support available for those who need it." said Per Ek, Sales Manager of Popcatcher. "In the beginning of 2000, Stockholm was on Newsweeks frontage as the leading IT innovation region. It feels like we're heading towards that frontpage once again".

Kista Science City takes chance to showcase at reception

Appreciated and crowded receptions has been arranged Monday and Tuesday at the Swedish Trade Council booth.

Yesterday Kista Science City's Tomas Bennich took the chance to showcase some Stockholm start-ups, including award winner Popcatcher and cutting edge communication company Penny.

Nanoradio - Silicon innovator in Barcelona

As we were passing through the exciting Innovation Zone Area in hall 7 at Mobile World Congress, we bumped into Stockholm company Nanoradio. Since the start a couple of years ago, they have received a lot of attention and gathered an impressive list of awards and nominations. Most recently Red Herring Global Top 100 list and EE Times Top 60 Silicon Companies.
At World Mobile Congress, Nanoradio was also nominated for the GSMA Mobile Innovation award.

We stopped for a quick chat."The most important for us is now is to get business going and our products is now out on the market. Our WiFi chipset is now inside the first 3G UMA Mobile phone, P270 by Samsung, so we feel that we are on a good way." Said Carl-Fredrik Elgh VP Marketing.

Nanoradio basically designs low-power consumption integrated circuits allowing WLAN capabilities to mobile phones and other portable devices.

What current trend is the most important for you right now?
"Apple has successfully made the case for not only great UI but also made the case for WLAN in mobile phones. The incredible increase in downloads and applications has made the case for using WLAN while at home for this. This is of course good news for us."

What does it meant to you that you are based in Stockholm?
"We couldn't really be located anywhere else. Stockholm and Kista is the wireless valley!"

tisdag 17 februari 2009

Stockholm start-up frontrunner in online video editing

Mobile Stockholm managed to catch a chat with Jonas Hombert, busy CEO of Jaycut while he was inbetween meetings. Started in Stockholm 2006, Jaycut has in a short period of time become the leading developer of online video editing.

What are you up to here at Mobile World Congress?
"Basically looking for companies who could be interested in our services. We have a consumer service up and running but our business is completely focused on licensing our product, that is making it possible for anyone to edit video online and pubish it, for instance a corporate website."

Despite being a fairly new company, they have already gained momentum and a lot of attention. As customers they can now count multi nationals like Proctor and Gamble. There are competitors that has developed similar products, but no one can offer an editing service that can distribute different channels and formats, like for instance Youtube.

”It's really exciting times for us. You can almost say that as times got worse, it took off for us. We're in a expansive phase right now."

What do you think of WMC?
"It great, but huge. A lot of people to meet but I have now realised that time is running up and its only in the beginning of the week!”.

What do you think that it has meant to you that you started, and now is currently based in, Stockholm? "Stockholm stands strong. We're a small country, and Stockholm is a small region, which has equipped us with an outstanding international focus. Another important thing that has helped us get this position in the internet and telecom industry, is the great educational system and lots of really competent and highly educated people. The atmosphere, particulaly in the internet and telecom industry, is very open and creative.”

Things look bright for Ikivo

We got a moment with Thomas Flink, product manager at Stockholm based Ikivo, just as he finished a chat with an Ericsson representative at the company booth. Its hardly surprising as Ikivo is one of the most exciting mobile software developers.

You seemed to have an interesting conversation, what did you talk about?
”We talked about our products, unfortunately I can't tell you more, haha.”

Ikivo is a platform developer for mobile applictions, so called widgets. Thomas tells us that one of the big advantages of Ikivos product is the image renderization capabilities, which hugely improves the the user experience in mobile devices. Currently the company has a staff of 50, with sales offices in Finland, Korea, UK and Spain.

”Things are currently looking very bright. Especially thanks to Iphone, the interest in graphic interface and widget applications has boomed” said Thomas Flink. ”There are other companies that develops similar software, but no one does it like we do when it comes to complex graphic applications.

What do you think of Word Mobile Congress?
”The company booth is of course important but the real value is in meeting customers and prospects. Everyone is here”

What does it mean to you that your based in Stockholm?
"The proximity to the mobile market is invalueble. Stockholm is a global leader. There are a lot of competent and highly educated people which is very important."

Interviews coming up

Hang on, later today we'll check with a couple of Stockholm companies present how things are going at WMC - interviews with Jaycut, Adimo and Ikivo is coming up.

Global telecom doesn't need place brands?

It strikes you that there very few place brands present at WMC. Certainly that reflects just how international the industry really is. Its a clear difference between trades. But on the other hand, as of any industry its extremely dependent on innovation, infrastructure and good local business climate. Regions and countries should see the point in telling that to the corporate reps from all over the world present, especially in support when times are tough.

France stands in a way out thanks to sheer strength, Sweden does a good job and there are of course others. All in all there is room for improvement, which of course gets you going.

måndag 16 februari 2009

Wifi eclips

Ok, so the rumours were true. The congess hall can't handle the demand
for broadband access. It's of course a bit disappointing as its a congress
about communication technology. Perhaps a sponsor project for Ericsson
next year?

Stockholm trail in focus on congress first day

Today is the first day of WMC - and of the infamous Pirate Bay trail in Stockholm. Which event will make it to the history books?

torsdag 12 februari 2009

Recession? Not necessarily bad for Ericsson

Ericsson CEO Carl-Henric Svanberg is interviewed in this week's issue of Swedish weekly business mag Veckans Affärer. Confidently he states that Ericsson may grow even stronger if the market dips further.

Recently Ericsson, with it's global HQ in Stockholm, has despite the finance turbulence, raised both sales and turnover. Sounds good.


Great to get this blog up! This is where you'll find comments, articles and interviews about World Mobile Congress 2009 from some of the people who have a special interest in the Stockholm ICT community.

We who'll try to get some action on this blog for the coming week is Annica Englund, Information and Communication Manager at Kista Science City, and me Per Holmlund, PR Manager for Stockhom Business Region. SBR is the City of Stockholm's official investment promotion agency and KSC is a business development company mainly for the ICT sector in Stockholm.

Glad we could straight out the formalities, more information is coming shortly.

Stockholm goes mobile any day now

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. For four days myself and my colleague Per at Stockholm Business Region is going to explore the mobile scene at GSMA in Barcelona. We invite you readers to bookmark this blog, as our ambition is to fill it with reflections, interviews and news from this event.