tisdag 16 februari 2010

Presence of innovation

Mats Nilsson Wireless@KTH at GSM Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
We meet up with Mats Nilson Director at Wireless@KTH. He is here to represent one of his commercial projects that is somewhat secret - but instead he is more than happy to talk about some of the ground breaking wirelsess/telecom/Internet research that is carried out at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Kista /Stockholm.

The trends in research right now are among others - of course - efficient green technology, he explains. And green technology is not always what you would imagine. For example - green research could be about spectrums and frequencies, and how to use them more effectively. Th Internet is running out on IP numbers, so this is an important field to investigate. The research results could be a way to "expand" the Internet further. - This is an unexploited natural resource, Mats says. The frequescies are already there. This particular research is a necessity so we can continue to be connected in the future too, especially when the fourth genereation mobile systems already have been implemented and the demand just continues to increase. And he continues to point out that much ICT research is about thinking in unorthodox ways, not so much about laboratories and microscopes.

He also emphasizes that the collaboration with the different stakeholders, the business community and the city are key to how the researchers get the insight of what to benchmark and analyse in the world around them.

Partners in many of Wireless@KTH's projects are internationally strong brands:
Ericsson, Telia Sonera, Huawei, PTS, FOI and the VINNOVA Industry Excellence Center that financially supports the research. But also SMEs like Mic Nordic that builds networks. The project also uses the LTE 4G net in Kista and Stockholm as its innovation "test bed" for new services.

Mats Nilsson points out that research is all about breaking new grounds. "Somebody has to make the foot prints in the snow, create the track. Then the rest will surely follow"

Mobile Stockholm agrees.

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