onsdag 17 februari 2010

The winners of the Living Labs Global Showcase Awards - the short version

There was a pressrelease sent out to the media on Sunday night, about the winners of the Living Labs Global Showcase Awards, handed out in Barcelona nearby city of Sant Cugat del Valles. We would like to present a short version of the event, and the winners.

The cities of Barcelona, Caceres, Chicago, Eindhoven, La Selva, Oeiras, Sant Cugat, Stockholm and Taipei, were cathegory patners in selecting mobile and internet solutions that address (and solves) major societal challenges. Many entries: 317 from 28 countries and 140 cities around the world to be exact. There are 11 winners, and they get to implement their solutions in the participating cities.

The Stockholm jury, chaird by Anette Scheibe, CEO at the Electrum Foundation/KSCAB (to the right in the picture) elected the Open Green Map (to the left) to be the winner.

All the winners city by city:
Barcelona: Autonomous Sensors to Monitor Garbage Capacity in Urban Dumpsters
Caceres: Energy Saving through Smart Applications
Chicago: Sustainable Food
Eindhoven: Local Innovation Plan
Oeiras: Central intelligent irrigation controller
La Selva: Sustainable Food, Wikiloc Active Routes
Sant Cugat: Real-time parking management in a city.
Stockholm: Open Green Map
Taipei: Wikiloc Active Routes, Taxi2

More about the award is found on http://www.livinglabs-global.com/award-about-showcase.asp

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