onsdag 18 februari 2009

Previous years multiple price-winners Telepo

It takes some detective work and a good pair of shoes to locate Swedish and Stockholm-Kista companies as the congress area is BIG. That's how we found Telepo.

We talked to Jörgen Björkner (in the picture), Co-Founder and CTO of Telepo. The company is a Stockholm based B2B company founded in 2003, this year starting up new business in an additional 5 European countries. Their solution is a platform independent business communication service for hosting providers, ISPs and operators with a cross platform communication interface. We learned that the company has grown very fast. In only five years it has grown into a mature business with a stable customer base and an impressive turnover. Telepo is one of the fastest growing companies in the telecom industry in Sweden today.

2007 the company was awarded two prestigious prices on site, here at Barcelona - "the MWC Best Mobile Enterprise Product" and ICT Grand Price 2007 as the first Swedish company ever to be awarded this in the congress history.
More about Telepo at http://www.telepo.com

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