torsdag 19 februari 2009

The world's smallest global operator

Seanet Maritime Communication is a global operator with a unique and highly interesting niche – mobile telecom at sea. From the company's headquarter in Stockholm, they provide cruise passengers all over the world with voice calls and internet access - no matter the location of the ship.

What are you up to here in Barcelona?
”We're looking for new partners, for example mobile service providers. We grow fast and continually develop our product and want to offer the same services as the large telecom operaters.” said Klas Lundgren, CEO of Seane.

Mr. Lundgren tells us that the founder of the company has a background in satellite communication. ”We call ourselves the world's smallest global operator. Thanks to companies like Ericsson, Stockholm has a very good climate for innovators and entrepreneur and it has of course ment a great deal to us. You get easy access to the leading technologies, businesses and decision makers.”

Seanet makes it possible for cruise and ferry passengers out at sea, to roam with a satellite link and make calls with the operator of choice. 20 cruise ships use the system today, mainly in the Carribean but also in the Mediterranean and Baltic seas. The company started in 2006, has currently a staff of 12 and are listed in NasdaqOMX First North stock exchange.

”We have a global market share of 10 percent already. Our focus now is now of course to increase this share, and things look very good."

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