onsdag 18 februari 2009

Virtual worlds with Penny

Penny AB is a company based in Väserås Science park, with a somewhat science-fiction like product that brings to mind the scenes from the films "Mission Impossible" and "The Minority Report". What they have done is that they invented a pair of interactive glasses that with the use of a mobile computer, PDA or a mobile phone creates a virtual transparent display in front of the user which enables navigation through head movements, and selections by measuring facial muscles.

Penny ABs CEO Erik Lundström tells us the fascinating story of a true innovation with a multitude of application areas: In 2007 Penny was awarded the "The Candidate Program for Corporation" from the U.S. Army, and also received the Special ISA Scholarship from the American media giant, Red Herring. The company then presented their solution at one of the world's foremost international conferences for decision makers in the high-tech, ETRE08 that was held in Stockholm last October.

Erik says that the interactive glasses are ready to be introduced and tested onto an larger audience and that now is the time to act. So by the support from Invest In Sweden Agency (ISA) and Sweden Mobile Association (SMA), Penny met with several of the large actors in Barcelona to discuss forthcoming business opprtunities.

- Barcelona is the starting point for Penny's goal to start the manufacturing of the system during 2009 and our goals to widen the total market! Erik concludes.

More of Penny at www.penny.se

(Erik Lundström)

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