torsdag 19 februari 2009

Wind turbines gain industry interest

Surrounded by telecom operators, internet start-ups, and mobile manufacturers, Morphic can perhaps be viewed as an odd first time exhibitor at this year's MWC. Based in Karlskoga, west of Stockholm, they develop and manufacture a range of innovative cleantech products centered around small-scale wind turbines and feul cells.

What has cleantech win
d turbines got to do with telecom?
”A lot! We're sort of probing here if we should market ourselves directly to this industry, and must say it has been a huge success. The interest has been enormous.” said Kenneth Johansson, COO of Morphic.

The telecom industry is in continual growth, especially in the third world. The biggest challenges in many parts are often not lack of intention or telecom hardware, but the supply of electricity. That is where Morphic comes in. The telecom industry is of course already an important market segment for their efficient, small-scale wind turbines but the response from attendees at MWC has perhaps led to a rethink.

”We have now have a file full of prospects, literary, from exhibiting these few days. Its really exciting and we have some thinking to do when we come home how to take this one step further.”

Whats kind of propositions?
”There are lots ideas. Many companies have a commercial interest in solving the problem with electricity access for households and small to mid size industry in Africa, India and China. We have an strong case here."

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