tisdag 17 februari 2009

Things look bright for Ikivo

We got a moment with Thomas Flink, product manager at Stockholm based Ikivo, just as he finished a chat with an Ericsson representative at the company booth. Its hardly surprising as Ikivo is one of the most exciting mobile software developers.

You seemed to have an interesting conversation, what did you talk about?
”We talked about our products, unfortunately I can't tell you more, haha.”

Ikivo is a platform developer for mobile applictions, so called widgets. Thomas tells us that one of the big advantages of Ikivos product is the image renderization capabilities, which hugely improves the the user experience in mobile devices. Currently the company has a staff of 50, with sales offices in Finland, Korea, UK and Spain.

”Things are currently looking very bright. Especially thanks to Iphone, the interest in graphic interface and widget applications has boomed” said Thomas Flink. ”There are other companies that develops similar software, but no one does it like we do when it comes to complex graphic applications.

What do you think of Word Mobile Congress?
”The company booth is of course important but the real value is in meeting customers and prospects. Everyone is here”

What does it mean to you that your based in Stockholm?
"The proximity to the mobile market is invalueble. Stockholm is a global leader. There are a lot of competent and highly educated people which is very important."

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