tisdag 17 februari 2009

Stockholm start-up frontrunner in online video editing

Mobile Stockholm managed to catch a chat with Jonas Hombert, busy CEO of Jaycut while he was inbetween meetings. Started in Stockholm 2006, Jaycut has in a short period of time become the leading developer of online video editing.

What are you up to here at Mobile World Congress?
"Basically looking for companies who could be interested in our services. We have a consumer service up and running but our business is completely focused on licensing our product, that is making it possible for anyone to edit video online and pubish it, for instance a corporate website."

Despite being a fairly new company, they have already gained momentum and a lot of attention. As customers they can now count multi nationals like Proctor and Gamble. There are competitors that has developed similar products, but no one can offer an editing service that can distribute different channels and formats, like for instance Youtube.

”It's really exciting times for us. You can almost say that as times got worse, it took off for us. We're in a expansive phase right now."

What do you think of WMC?
"It great, but huge. A lot of people to meet but I have now realised that time is running up and its only in the beginning of the week!”.

What do you think that it has meant to you that you started, and now is currently based in, Stockholm? "Stockholm stands strong. We're a small country, and Stockholm is a small region, which has equipped us with an outstanding international focus. Another important thing that has helped us get this position in the internet and telecom industry, is the great educational system and lots of really competent and highly educated people. The atmosphere, particulaly in the internet and telecom industry, is very open and creative.”

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