onsdag 18 februari 2009

Prestige award for Stockholm company Popcatcher

Popcatcher was awarded first prize for its music technology at MWC during the Mobile Peer Awards ceremony. In competition with 163 companies from all over the world, Popcatcher won the Jury Award for emerging companies.

"Its of course very exciting, we did a pitch in front of a jury and an audience of maybe a thousand people - and won! The jury thought that our technology was right in time." said Jakob Berg, CEO of Popcatcher.

The Popcatcher music technology is made for mobile phones with a built in radio, but it can be used in virtually any device. The application enables to record music played on the radio as separate mp3 files - and DJ talks as well as commercials are removed."The jury was fond of the fact that it can be used in ordinary radio receivers" said Jakob Berg.

It seems that things are going quite well for a lot of ICT companies in Stockholm for the moment?
"Yeah, we definitely don't have any relocation plans. Stockholm has a very good network of innovators and entrepreneurs and there is lots of commercial and technical support available for those who need it." said Per Ek, Sales Manager of Popcatcher. "In the beginning of 2000, Stockholm was on Newsweeks frontage as the leading IT innovation region. It feels like we're heading towards that frontpage once again".

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